These emails together with the notes were sent to the Regional Commissioner and there is documented proof of most of what I have said  in the notes in red/orange.

These emails are copied as received with only some names being blanked out. My comments/responses to points raised by others are in red and did not form part of any responses to the author of the original emails. The notes are intended to give readers clarification of statements without having to refer to other paperwork. These are as a result of my asking for an update regarding my appointment.

For clarification, these are the people involved and their positions:
Peter Maryniak = Complainant, Assistant Service Team Manager & in charge of Museum & public display in the Town’s museum.
Smlayt = Steve Layt, DESC and in charge of “operational” matters while a new DC is found.
John Simmons = County Commissioner and Northampton District Commissioner
Tim Walker = Beaver Scout Leader and Service Team Manager
Simon Gregory = District Chairman
Roy Davies = District Vice Chair & Chair camping ground committee

From: []
Sent: 06 July 2007 11:04
To: p.maryniak
Subject: Appointment


Xxxxxxx xxxxxxx has asked me to contact you as I believe you were making enquiries about your appointment or lack of it.
Unfortunately for you you have been caught by the trap that wasxxxxxxxxxxxxx giving everyone that moved spurious appointments with what appears Yo have been his own thought process rather than some joined up thinking. As such since April no further appoinments within the District have been made or approved and most of the existing appointments will be scrapped.

My appointment was made in December 06. Form AA was completed, HQ & CRB clearance obtained and an Appointments Committee interview attended. Mr Layt attended a Camping Ground committee meeting and stated that my form AA had landed on his desk and he had passed it to the Appointments Committee for action.

We are not having ADC this and ADC that and certainly all the District appointments will be made with an emphasis on people actually working with Groups which is where all Scouting should exist. The Groups of people currently within the District who believe that Scouting can be done outside of Groups in specialist activities have there days numbered and all people will be expected to play a full and active part.

There are a number of adults, including members of the District Exec, who are not members of a Group and they have been advised that this statement does not apply.

 For your part you will note that Tim Walker is actually a Beaver Scout Leader with the St. Giles Group and this is the right and proper way it should be. Unfortunately we are not having assistant this and assistant that and as such posts such as Deputy Service Team Leader will simply not exist in any form. If people want a role on the service team that is great but that is not a job in itself. I do not believe that you have ever sat down with Tim and agreed any sort of job description so and appointment could not be made anyway.

 I tried on a number of occasions to communicate with Tim, but there was no response. The last email received around Dec 06/Jan 07, stated that he had yet to find the time to work out how best to utilize my skills.

I am sorry that you have been caught up in a change of emphasis with us needing to ensure that everyone remembers that Group Scouting is where it all happens and that every position outside of a Group and section is now up for review especially the ones where people want to have a badge or a title with no real benefit to the Movement and I am sure all of us can think of those type of people.

It would, of course, have been possible for me to have been offered a change of membership to (say) Fellowship to comply with this change of emphasis to Group Scouting.

 I understand from the records office at HQ that you are an active member of a Scout Fellowship somewhere near London and I hope that your commitment to them has not been compromised by you putting in time with us. I think they will be
delighted that you will possible have more time for your active support to that District.

 The reason for my membership in a different County & District was that I wrote to the ADC Fellowship twice to ask for the amount of membership fee and to get my free copy of Scouting. He did not respond, so in order to keep my membership of Scouting live, I joined a different district.

 I hope that the above is self explanatory and wish you every happiness in your role South of the County.


From: p.maryniak
Sent: 06 July 2007 16:25
To: ''
Subject: RE: Appointment


Thank you for your message.
 Perhaps you would be good enough to advise what the position is regarding the Museum both at Ivy Road and Guildhall Rd?

 Many thanks


From: []
Sent: 09 July 2007 10:20
To: p.maryniak
Subject: Re: Appointment
I am sorry I did not respond over the weekend I spent my weekend decorating our new babies room and then spent some time at the activity day at the County Centre. You will perhaps appreciate that I for one have far more important things to think about than Scouting issues at this exciting time. However I have been asked to do a job and so am trying in a small way to make
everything right before we have a new DC appointed.  It was obvious yesterday that you had already been busy passing on information to colleagues about what I have said to you via e-mail and I will say I am horrified how rumours have already

Information using Steve’s own words was passed by myself to colleagues I work with closely. The first email was received on the Friday and as a number of us had arranged to undertake a task on the Saturday, I informed colleagues that I would not be able to undertake the task. What these people did with the information is not my responsibility. See my response below.

 Yes it is a fact that changes will be made but I have certainly not spoken to anybody about any  other District appointment and so anybody saying that others are next is simply wrong. A review is happening on all positions including my own as DESC and I will say even my role will not in the future be a Commissioner role but simply an adviser. As you will see this change does effect many people including myself.

 However what I am concerned and yes annoyed about is the fact that on opening my e mails this morning I note that several people have been telephoning Simon Gregory and e mailing both Simon, John Simmons and myself about your appointment and some of these are young people. Now up until today I had not even involved Simon in my discussions and so the only people who knew of my e mail was me, you and John Simmons. I have confirmed this morning that John has not spoken to others therefore the start of the discussions over this matter has come from you.

 This statement confirms that decisions were made solely by the CC/DC (John Simmons)  and Steve Layt. The decisions have not been made by the District Executive. The Young People referred to are members of the Service Team, all except 1 are 18+.
I needed to tell them of the change of leadership. 

I am appalled that you have involved others in this and somebody has even involved young people as at least three of them are young Network members and the forth an Explorer Scout I can only  question how anybody can think their involvement was a good idea. When I find out who involved them then I will question with them their ability to act in a Leadership role within this organisation. Young people involved in playing politics is simply wrong and I will not ever accept it. The museum is for the executive to decide on and so I can't comment on this. However I can comment on your future involvement with this District. At this moment you do not have a role within the District and your membership is via another County. That is fine and as I have said in my first e-mail I wish you well in your role with them. However you do not have a position within this District and as such I would like you to return your Overstone key to either myself or a colleague within the next seven days.   

 As it had been confirmed that my membership was with Northampton, I did not renew membership with the other district.

 I do not intend to spend the next few months reading numerous communications on this matter and so perhaps when you tell others about what I have said this time you simply also tell them that if they wish to resign over it all they have to do is inform me I am happy to accept any or numerous resignations.  You asked about a position which simply does not now exist and I did apologise for the fact you were caught up in this however you have now raised the stakes and so I am responding. At this time I am answerable to our DC and the CC and John knows of my responses to you as I have copied him in. I am sure he will confirm with you that he accepts my position if you wish to ask him.

 I have no idea what the expression “raised the stakes” means.

 I do genuinely wish you every success with your chosen District but will not have my decisions treated as if they are lightly taken or not properly thought about.

 This statement confirms that this situation is a “one man” decision and not referred to the District Exec as indicated in some other emails.

With every good wish for the future


In a message dated 09/07/2007 10:41:15 GMT Daylight Time, p.maryniak

 MANY, MANY thanks for confirming that this decision is political.
I will respond further at a later date


From: []
Sent: 09 July 2007 10:58
To: p.maryniak
Subject: Re: Appointment


I genuinely do not understand your comments however I have far more important issues to deal with and as such would ask that all further correspondence is sent to John Simmons who will now deal with it.

 Perhaps you and everyone else should refer back to what this Movement is about that of developing young people to take and active and responsible place in society.


----- Original Message ----
From: p.maryniak >

Sent: Monday, 9 July, 2007 1:07:23 PM
Subject: RE: Appointment


Just to clarify a point or two. I have no problem in holding my hands up to being open, honest and transparent about what you have said to me. I considered it courtesy to advise people I work closely with that my position does not exist and to give them the reasons why by quoting your own words. I regret that my manners are not to your expectations. It is entirely up to those people what action they feel appropriate and at no point have I indicated to anyone that they should resign or take further action. These people include Network members who are also leaders, as these form the basis of the Service Team and until last Friday, my brief was to manage the day to day workings of the Service Team, so it would not be right and proper to ignore them and just walk out.

You have clarified one thing in todays message. You say that your own position will become something like an Advisor, perhaps if you had said in your first email something like ADC & Assistant roles will be scrapped and would be replaced with a different role description, then your words “and most of the existing appointments will be scrapped. “ “We are not having ADC this and ADC that” “every position outside of a Group and section is now up for review especially the ones where people want to have a badge or a title with no real benefit to the Movement”  would not have been open to misinterpretation by  others.

I am unable to find anything in POR that gives you the right to sack me without reference to the Appointments Committee, and as such I think you will need their approval. In any case, I wish to appeal against your decision, perhaps you will advise the procedure.

As far as I was aware, my appointment was confirmed having been made by the (then) DC with all the necessary  paperwork/clearances/interviews completed.  As all this was in my favour, it follows that I am a “fit & proper person” to be in Scouting.

 I would reiterate that I have started no rumours, I have merely told people I work with exactly what you have said in your email. It is up to them from that point.


Sent: 09 July 2007 13:11
To: Peter Maryniak;
Cc: Steve Layt
Subject: Re: Appointment


Having read these e-mails I fail to see how on earth you could possibly interpret Steve's e-mail as saying it is political. That is clearly a false impression. 

To quote Steve’s email “Young people involved in playing politics is simply wrong and I will not ever accept it.”

 What is political is that somebody has behaved appallingly in involving younger members of the movement.  This caused them considerable distress and led to e-mails and phone calls last night, and has led to their resignations.  I cannot prove where the leak came from and therefore should not speculate but it is that behaviour that was political and I believe just plain wrong.

At no time did I advocate, solicit or encourage any resignations by anyone. People who may have resigned over this (or other) matter(s) have made their own decisions and were not influenced by myself.

 I am not involved in uniform matters and therefore in appointments but I did end up trying to pick up pieces in 3 phone calls last evening and do feel that young people should not be used as pawns, not least as our movement should be about developing them not using them.  

At the risk of repeating myself, I only advised them of my position and who they now report to.

 I am concerned that your personal response has turned this from being a review of district appoinments as would happen whenever there is a change of DC into a personal issue.  I would counsel against that as then people's responses become the issue to be dealt with rather than the simple matter of a review.  By responding in such a way you would then yourself make it
personal which would be unfortunate.



Sent: 09 July 2007 13:16
To: p.maryniak;
Cc:; Sheila
Subject: Re: Appointment

 Can I please ask that these emails stop.  Only 7% of communication is in the words and e-mails get twisted and  misunderstood.  Also it is too easy to respond quickly rahter than having reflected.  Peter I would suggest that you talk directly to John Simmons as he is the one who would have the facts.  I confess I was not aware that your appointment had yet been confirmed and therefore if not yet formally appointed then I cannot see how you have been sacked.  I would counsel again that you have yourself made this personal.  I do not understand why you have chosen to do so but think it ill advised.
John Simmons refused to meet with me
I am not involved in the uniformed leadership team so shall now take a step back to allow those that are to handle this but would ask that we try to remain calm.


From: john SIMMONS []
Sent: 09 July 2007 13:26
To: SIMON GREGORY; p.maryniak;
Cc: Sheila
Subject: Re: Appointment

 Dear all,

 As DC I cannot recall being consulted about this appointment and as the person who would act as Sponsor for any appointment within the district I  can only say that Steve has acted correctly in that we are undertaking a review of the District - which incidentally the District Executive Committee are fully aware.

 No right of appeal exists because I did not make any appointment. and that is the end of the matter.

The appointment was made in December 06 by the (then) DC. Form AA was completed, HQ & CRB clearance obtained and an Appointments Committee interview attended.

Yours ever,

 John Simmons

From: []
Sent: 13 July 2007 13:39
To: p.maryniak

Subject: Museum


 I told you on Monday that the museum was not operational and so I had to leave this to the Executive to make a decision. However after taking advice from colleagues I need to inform you that you are to take no further part in the operation of the museum either at Ivy Road or Guildhall Road and are to have no further part in any aspect of Northampton District Scouts.

It has been confirmed and accepted that I have fully paid membership within Northampton District

 I do not know under what guise you took on the museum but would again confirm that no appointment within this District exists.
I would ask that all aspects of the museum are now handed to John Shrewsbury who I know has been involved in its conception and operation.

 When I spoke to John Shrewsbury, he knew nothing of this arrangement. He was not involved in the conception and operation of the museum. During a conversation I had with him earlier this year, I invited him to use his media skills to gain publicity for the museum. 

I would remind you that you have until Monday to hand over your keys to Overstone and have seven days from today being Friday 13th July to hand over all property that belongs to Northampton District Scouts.
I have done this by e-mail so that it has been communicated to you as quickly as I can but will formally write to you today setting out the Districts position. Again as previously stated I do not intend to enter into further communication on this matter and will expect that you comply to these directions.

Kind regards

Steve Layt

DESC Northampton District Scouts

Mr Layt did write but he addressed the letter to my house and not to me by  name. As it was sent recorded delivery and I could not guarantee that it was meant for me and not the previous owners of the house, I refused to sign for it. Royal Mail returned it to Mr Layt.
From: p.maryniak

Sent: 18 July 2007 19:21
To: ''
Subject: RE: Appointment


Thank you for your various emails and letter. I would advise that after taking advice from my colleagues, as a fully paid member of Northampton Scout District I have been advised that I am entitled to have keys for Overstone.
When security fencing was erected, the District’s policy was that any adult in Scouting in the District was entitled to a key to the gates. As yet, this policy has not been amended.
I am also advising that the timescale you have given me are impossible to adhere to without causing much distress to the museum in Guildhall Rd and possible adverse publicity.
I understand that Rev Simmons has been approached regarding this and other matters.



From: []
Sent: 19 July 2007 10:27
To: p.maryniakCc:;;
Subject: Re: Appointment

Mr Maryniak

 I have just spoken to John Simmons who has taken advice from Headquarters staff and I would confirm to you that we are unaware as to exactly which colleagues you have spoken to but unfortunately as they are neither the District Commissioner, County Commissioner or myself who is running operations it is actually irrelevant as to what they have told you.

 My information about the District Policy on keys also came from HQ staff.

 I on behalf of the Northampton District Scout Council have given you a clear and concise instruction that you are to have no further dealings with this District and as such are to return Overstone keys by the 16th and all other keys and property by the 20th July 2007.

At no point was I told where or to who I should hand any items.

 What people need to understand is that these instructions have been given by myself on behalf of the management team and have been properly thought about and discussed and are not now open to further negotiation or question by yourself or anybody else.

 From earlier communication, the “Management Team” is only John Simmons and Steve Layt and from later emails, only Steve Layt.

With regard to the museum in Guildhall Road I see no reason why the museum is simple not left in place until after it is due to conclude and then officers of the District will empty it and make all of the contents available to yourself to collect anything that personally belongs to you. If you choose to take your personal items from the museum at this time you are perfectly entitled to do so but that will reflect on you personally and NOT the District. Northampton District Scout Council would advise you that if you chose to involve the press then we can and will defend our proper actions taken by senior members of the management team acting following discussions between ourselves. That is your decision for you to personally make. What we have asked for is all property held by you at this time to be returned which again on taking advice we are told is a reasonable request.

 Note the assumption made that it would be me involving the press! Note also that I can remove my items from Guildhall Rd, (as is my right) but if I do I am also in trouble. So, in short, the District wants its own property back immediately, but also wishes to retain my property for the public display!

I have this morning spoken to Ian Pugh and he believes that you have personally not paid any membership fee to the District. I would refer again to the fact that Headquarters have confirmed to us that your membership is with another County and not us. It is the Headquarters who keep the definitive membership lists.

I have in writing that I am a paid member of Northampton District. The census only shows the number of adults in the district and not the names, I was included in the census. HQ has no direct records of non-warranted positions.

 I am today advising you that you have as of yesterday confirmed that you have not returned your Overstone keys to anybody which is in breach of clear instructions given by senior management on behalf of the Northampton District Scout Council. If these keys are not placed in the post box at Fernie Fields by the end of today being Thursday 19th July 2007 we will be informing the Police that persons have refused to hand over gate keys to our young persons Activity and Training centre and will ask them to investigate and take the necessary action.

I hope you will understand that we remain committed to securing our property against people who the District officers have asked not to enter it and will have no option but to take action whereby people refuse to hand back access keys when they have been asked for them.

 See note below

 I have made a request to you and you have now point blank refused to action it and I am informing you that I take this matter very, very seriously and will be informing Scout Headquarters of you non compliance with requests of management that have been reasonable made. As I have indicated above it is actually irrelevant as to which colleagues you have spoken to about this as they are not in positions to be able to offer any sort of advice.

Steve Layt

On behalf of Northampton District Scout Council

 ----- Original Message -----

From: Peter Maryniak
Cc: ; ;

Sent: Thursday, July 19, 2007 11:45 AM

Subject: RE: Appointment


 Please do not threaten me.
I have it in writing that I am a member of Northampton District and that subs have been paid. It has been confirmed that this being the case I am entitled to hold keys to Overstone.
As regard to the press, this would not be my decision. I simply said this to emphasis the fact that if I complied with your instructions and closed the public display, the Borough Council’s publicity department may pick on this, and tell the papers in their normal communications that the display has closed early, from that the press may follow through.
I have other commitments that take my time and that is one of the reasons for non compliance with your instructions. Regrettably I omitted this from my previous email and would apologise for any confusion caused.


From: john SIMMONS []
Sent: 19 July 2007 14:01
To:; Peter Maryniak
Cc: Capon, Michael;;
Subject: Re: Appointment
Importance: High

 Dear Mr Maryniak,

 I write to advise you that you should accept the request which has been made to you, that you return all keys and property belonging to Northampton District Scout Council with immediate effect. I can confirm that this request has my full knowledge and in fact was the instruction which I gave to Mr Layt.

 It is noted that at no time was I told who to hand property to. (I have left some property at Ivy  Rd and no longer have a key) nor was any offer to collect made. The onus of responsibility was on myself in a timescale that was impossible to adhere to.  No questions were asked as to why I was unable to comply with the request. If that question had been asked, it would have been found that a trailer was needed and mine was out of use at that time.

 Failure to return the keys will necessitate seeking advice from the Police but in the meantime I have authorised the locks on our property to be changed.

Further note dated 27 March 2016…………….the locks still have not been changed!
See also above.

These emails infer that it is solely due to me that locks are to be changed. This is misleading at best. There has been discussion regarding the security of the camping ground for some considerable time. It would seem that this has been brought to a head, not by me, but by another Scout Leader who duplicated a key and gave it to his wife for her Guides to use the site whenever they wanted to without booking or paying for the facility.

 I also confirm that I will be writing to Scout HQ to inform them of your non-cooperation to this reasonable request.
I can also confirm that your actions make it necessary for me to seek advice on your continued membership of The Scout Association. It will be my recommendation that it be cancelled.

If this action is taken I will appeal on the grounds of a vendetta and bullying and that no valid reasons have been made known.

 Finally, I have to say that I find having to take this action extremely sad and had you complied with the reasonable requests the matter would not have escalated to this proportion.

From experience, I have also made reasonable requests of the CC (and others) but these have, in the majority of cases, been ignored therefore the ethos of Scouting would seem to be that those in authority are not compelled to answer simple requests, but those below them must adhere to their dictates without question and with blind obedience.

 Yours sincerely,
John Simmons
County Commissioner for Northamptonshire

The following is the email I sent to members of the Service Team, and their response.

From: p.maryniak

To: a

Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2007 17:49:54 +0100

Hi all

Just to let you know that the position of Assistant Service Team Manager does not exist and that you now report to Tim.

 Very many thanks for your support over the last few months. The comradeship that grew with the Service Team was great while it lasted and I wish you all the best for the future under Tim.

Cheers for now


Sent: 08 July 2007 19:49
To:; tim walker;;;;
Subject: Northampton District Service Team

 Dear John, Simon and Steve
In light of recent events regarding service team leadership I am writing to inform that  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx will be resigning from the service team with immediate effect.
In future when reviewing the positions within the district maybe it would be wise to consult those it affects before drawing your conclusions!
An acknowledgement of this message would be appreciated.
Yours In Scouting
Xxxx xxxxxxxxx